Corporate sport

We believe that happy and healthy employees are the key to the success of the whole company.


Through friendlytrainers coaching, you can offer to your staff an attractive benefit and great reward

  • to improve their physical and mental health
  • to increase their personal wellbeing
  • to motivate and energize them
  • to strengthen their team spirit


Your company will benefit from:

  • increased performance
  • increasing employee loyalty
  • strengthening the company culture
  • being attractive and competitive on the job market


Meet us and let us explain in detail what we can offer! 

We are also open to all your ideas and suggestions.


Here are our sporting offers "a la carte":


1. Offsite Events

Here are some examples of our suggested Offsite Sporting Events. Any of these tours / sporting events will be adapted to your needs and wishes.


We organize the transport, lunch/dinner, required equipment rental.


We are also able to adapt our sporting events to different environments and travel to join you on your offsite business meetings abroad.


We care about each participant individually, providing personal training and nutrition advices. 

We can create different groups according to the different physical abilities of participants; or combine two or more events in one day. 


Please share with us your ideas about your ideal Offsite Sporting Event and we will be happy to prepare it and make it happen for you!

Half-Days or Full-Days: 
  • Biking tours 
  • E-biking tours
  • Track Cycling in The World Cycling Centre, Aigle  
  • Running & Stretching with Nutrition workshop
  • Hiking (summer) / Snowshoeing (winter)
  • Outdoor Bootcamp workout 
  • Obstacle Course
  • Team games 
  • Capture the Flag
  • Treasure Hunt 
  • Themed games (e.g. "Hunger Games") (with costumes)
  • Stand-up paddle


2. Sport in the Office

Let us join you in your office and organize and supervise a sporting session (30mins-2hrs) for your employees - either on a regular basis (before or after working hours or at lunchtime) or a one-time event on demand.
During the session, we will focus on each participant individually, giving personalized coaching and advices.
We are able to adapt to your environment and prepare a sporting session outdoors (just near your office building - if possible) or indoors.
Here are some examples of what we do:
  • Running & Stretching with coach including advice on nutrition
  • Core training (cardio and muscle reinforcement, body toning)
  • Nanotraining (short duration intensive training) & Stretching
  • Stretching and body toning (no need for sport clothes)
We will be happy to get to know your team and with respect to your company culture, prepare personalized and motivating sporting sessions. We believe that offering your employees a possibility to destress, feel and focus better, improve health and be advised on his/her own wellbeing and nutrition is the best possible reward you can offer, to the benefit of both - you and your team.
Please contact us and we will be happy to offer you more!


3. Corporate Team Training

Regular (e.g. weekly) training of a team of co-workers; before work, after work or during lunchtime hours.