Live long and happy.


Your body is designed to make you feel good. Exercising changes the way you think and feel. It energizes your body and opens your mind. It makes you feel happier. It changes your world.

Try to find your own balance. Enjoy all the privileges of life in moderation. Choose what sport you like to do, raise your heart-beat regularly. You are in control of who you are.


We are specialized in health coaching, physical preparation,  functional training (individually or small groups) competitive sports (swim, run, bike), certified personal trainers (Vertigo Diffusion, Ironman University), organizing kids swimming campscompany sporting events and training in the office.


We are passionate about sports and helping people to achieve their goals (competitions or general health improvement) the friendly way.  Sport should be a pleasure, not a punishment. Your training plan will be tailored to your needs and skills and will help you on your way to your goals.


Please, contact us and let us know your wishes or share with us your ideas!

Lada O Gnimh

Steven Delahaut